Sunday, July 1, 2012

Utah Visit with the Craw's

About a month ago Gigi and I visited Utah for 3 weeks. We went back and forth between my in-law's house and my parents house and squeezed in as much cousin and Grandparent time as we could! Gigi had so much fun and we can't wait to go back in the end of July.

playing with Hayden, whom Gigi couldn't get enough of!

My fab sister-in-law Anne and me

All the cousins lined up for a race around the driveway!

We went to Logan for a day and had lunch at Firehouse Pizza, where I used to work when Adam and I were first married.

Gigi just loved her Great Grandma Jim and started to call her just "Jim." In fact, after Grandma Jim left Gigi kept asking where she was!

Three of the Georgia's

Before we took Grandma Jim to the airport we had a little photo shoot...

I then headed to stay with my parents for a week, pics to come....

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Pal & Hatty said...

What a great picture of the 3 Georgias! Looks like you did so many fun things together!