Monday, July 2, 2012

Utah Visit with the Craw's: Part II

My 2nd visit with the Craw's started with a girl's shopping day at the new City Creek mall in Salt Lake. Grandpa was so nice to watch Gigi for me so I could have a fun day out. Anne's oldest daughter Caroline got to go with us and it was fun helping her pick out some new clothes. We had a little photo shoot next to the water fountains...

Gigi loved swimming in the hot tub with Caroline. I forgot to bring my swimsuit so I'm glad that Caroline was happy to watch her, and Gigi just adores her!

We went to Logan for a day and the adult's had a nice dinner at Le Nonne - which was the restaurant that Adam and I went to on our first date! We then came back to Anne's house and I snapped these pics of the cousins on the tramp.
Caroline bouncing Gigi, Hayden and Kate

On Sunday we went to church and I was a little nervous that Gigi would be clingy and not go to nursery in a new place. Well, I was dead wrong! Grandma peeked in on her a few times and she was just having a blast.

We also played some pool, had s'mores by the fire, a couple of yummy girls lunches, and of course I had to eat at both Cafe Rio and In-N-Out! We had so much fun, thanks to these two for their generosity and hospitality!

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Pal & Hatty said...

Such cute pictures of all! Looks like you had a great time and Gigi too!