Tuesday, December 12, 2017

France: Mont Saint-Michel

I've gotten behind on my blog so I'm going to do a bit of catching up!

After a long and uncomfortable night of sleeping in the airport, we freshened up as best we could and flew to Paris! Such a pretty view from the airplane...

As soon as we landed, we got our rental car and started the four hour drive west to Mont Saint-Michel. We had to grab a quick lunch on the road and so McDonalds it was! Here's Adam ordering for us on the big screens...

We finally made it!

The island was beautiful with the monastery at the top. Of course we had to get a few pics!

We walked the long, winding road to the top and started the audio guided tour...

I love this pic with Anne and Mark taking a selfie in the background! :) hahaha!!!

some pics of the inside...

and views from the top

 We ended the day with a delicious French dinner!

Friday, December 8, 2017

Norway Day 3&4

I've gotten behind on my blog so I'm going to do a bit of catching up!

Our next day in Tau, Norway we went on a hike. We were going to hike to the most dangerous rock in Norway...

And we actually drove halfway there. But then the road ended and we discovered that we had to take a ferry for a few miles to get to the hike. And since it was Sunday the ferry only went once that day and we had already missed it! But the drive was beautiful so it wasn't a total waste! I mean, look at how beautiful this view is...

Anne doing a little yoga :)

So we drove to another hike call Preikestolen, or Pulpit Rock. It's about a 2.5 mile hike and it was beautiful! We had good luck with the weather too, it was a gorgeous day. Here we are on our way up...

The view was breathtaking from the top! Seriously one of the most beautiful views I've ever seen. The cliff is about 1982 ft above the Lysefjorden which made me stay pretty far away from the edge!

and a group shot from far away, I'm so glad you had us take this shot Anne!!

We then grabbed dinner and relaxed at our Airbnb. The next day we went on a fjord boat tour, since we had missed it with our train snafu. Here are Adam and I on the boat...

we cruised through the fjords and enjoyed the amazing views...

and we got to see Preikestolen (the hike we just did) from the water which was pretty cool...

we also got to try some glacier water, which was pretty refreshing :)

We then went to lunch and it was amazing!!

We also saw the Stavanger Cathedral and then grabbed a little snack, a cardamom cinnamon roll!

We also went to the Swords in Rock, which commemorate a historic viking battle.

We then flew back to Oslo for our next adventure!

When we got to Oslo it was pretty late. So Anne, Mark, Adam and I had this crazy idea to sleep in the airport since we had an early flight to Paris the next morning. It was going to take us about 1 1/2 hrs to get to our hotel (3 hrs roundtrip) so we looked for the best place to sleep. It took me forever to fall asleep so I'm not sure if it was a good decision ;)  But it did make for some good pics!

Norway Day 1&2

I've gotten behind on my blog, so I'm going to do a bit of catching up!

Last May, Adam and I traveled to Europe with Adam's family. We've been wanting to visit Paris forever so we finally did it! We found cheap tickets to Oslo so we decided to explore Norway as well. 

Here are Adam and I on our flight to Oslo

We arrived in Oslo in the evening, got to our Airbnb, got dinner, and went to bed. Here we are at our first dinner in Norway, learning how expensive everything is! $$$

The next day we went to the train station to do the Norway in a Nutshell Tour. It's a tour of Norway that goes from Oslo to Bergen and you see lots of pretty sights along the way.

The views were gorgeous from the train... from lakes to snowy mountains...

and enjoying some yummy food on the train

We experienced a little BIG mix-up on our train where we couldn't get off the train and totally missed our next connection (long story! But basically the train doors weren't open long enough for us to get off), but we finally made it to Bergen! Because of this mix-up, we missed our boat tour through the fjords!!! Well, 2/3 of our party was able to get off the train but the rest of us were stuck on the train! We just had to roll with it and look into going on a different fjord boat tour (which we did another day).

After a long, uphill walk to our Airbnb we settled in and then went out to explore Bergen. Here are Anne and I in front of one of the shops. You can see how old the buildings are by the crooked doorway behind us!

We then went to ride Floibanen Funicular which takes you to the top of the mountain. Getting ready to go up...

on our way up...

and views from the top!

We then grabbed dinner and went to bed. The next day we did a little more exploring around Bergen. We loved all the cute little houses with painted doors!

 We went to a few museums and Bryggen--which is their old historic downtown area. The movie Frozen was inspired by this cute little town and you can see the similarities.

We also walked along the marina...

and grabbed a hot dog for lunch and a Norweigan Pancake for dessert!

We then caught a flight to Stavanger and then drove to Tau. We grabbed dinner and settled in for the night. Here's the sunset view from our Airbnb, which was right on the water :)