Monday, June 25, 2018

Five Years Old (Liam's Yearly Photo)

Liam turned five on April 11th. His monthly stats are:
Height: 43.0 inches; 51st percentile
Weight: 42.7 lbs; 64th percentile

My little Liam is five years old! Liam loves all things Star Wars, superheroes, and most recently Ben 10. He also loves doing puzzles and helps me put together large ones with 750 pieces or more. He is also starting to get into Legos and loves to build and put them together. His favorite animals are gorillas and dragons. He is a sweet little boy who loves to give lots of hugs and kisses to mommy and daddy. Here are his monthly photos...

and some silly faces...

how old are you, Liam??

Sunday, June 24, 2018

Liam's Turns 5!

I've gotten behind on my blog so I'm going to do some catching up!

We had Liam's birthday party on April 7th at a fun zone complete with mini golf, trampolines and bumper cars. Liam got to bring his best friend Kolton along too. Here they are all jumping on the tramp. I'm not sure who's having more fun... the kids or grandpa!?!

and riding in bumper cars...

Liam loves Ben 10, so that's what he requested for his cupcakes...

On his actual birthday (April 11th) Liam had a donut for his birthday cake! :)

Craw's Visit Minneapolis

I've gotten behind on my blog so I'm going to do a bit of catching up!

Adam's parents came for a visit hoping the weather would be a little warmer in April. Well, April ended up having one of the coldest and worst blizzards of the year! It was cold but we still had a great time. Here's grandpa walking Gigi to the bus stop, she insisted that he do this every morning he was here. :)

And the kids playing dress up with Grandpa!

Easter 2018

I've gotten behind on my blog so I'm going to do some catching up! 

The kids got to open their Easter baskets when they woke up. We also had an Easter Egg hunt inside since it was too cold outside!

Easter Sunday was the same weekend as LDS conference this year, and it's tradition that I make cinnamon twists!

from our Young Women lesson the previous Sunday, I love being with the Youth!

And some cute Easter pics of Gigi and Liam!

Of course they wanted to make silly faces! I love how Liam has the same silly face in every pic, while Gigi changes hers every single time! Hahahaha!

Sunday, March 18, 2018

Eight Years Old (Gigi's Yearly Photo)

Gigi turned eight on February 19th. Her yearly stats are:

Height: 45.5 inches; 1st percentile
Weight: 43.0 lbs; 2nd percentile

The last eight years have gone by too fast! Gigi is such a good and sweet girl. She loves to write stories and make cute little story books complete with pictures. She is so creative and a budding little artist who loves to paint, color and draw. She is always creating something! Her favorite animals are unicorns and pandas. She is a great older sister to Liam and the two of them are best friends. Here are her yearly photos...

and some silly face pics...

how old are you, Gigi??

Saturday, March 10, 2018

Gigi's Roller Skating Party

Gigi wanted a unicorn roller skating party for her birthday this year! She helped me make and decorate these cute cupcakes...

Gigi and Liam approve!

the party favor bags, complete with unicorn poop (rainbow marshmallows)!

She invited a bunch of her friends from her class to the roller rink and everyone had a great time!

skater girl :)

 skater boy :)