Friday, June 6, 2014

Mexico: Tulum

For our 10 year anniversary, Adam and I spent a week in Playa del Carmen, Mexico. Adam's parents were so sweet and came out to watch our kids for us (thank you, thank you!). We had such a wonderful trip and it was so nice to spend time with each other.

On our 2nd day we visited the ruins at Tulum. We got one of the 'mormon guides' to show us around and it was so interesting how the history ties in with the Book of Mormon. It was a hot and humid day but such a beautiful place to see.

I couldn't believe how beautiful the water and beach were at Tulum. I think this is one of my favorite beaches ever. Which is good since I have a pic of it hanging in my dining room!

The main temple

I told Adam I was re-creating this pic by Max Wanger:

I know, my version is not even close to his, haha!!!

Paradise found:)

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Pal & Hatty said...

Beautiful Tulum! I think your re-creation of the picture is great! The beaches of Mexico are hard to beat!