Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Beautiful Nauvoo

After leaving St. Louis we arrived in Nauvoo in the late afternoon. We spent the remainder of the day walking around the beautiful temple grounds and exploring historic Main Street.

can you spot Gigi in this photo?

This statue is located at the front of the Nauvoo temple across the street. It depicts the "Last Ride" that Joseph and Hyrum took as they traveled to Carthage together.

The next day we explored the different sites of Nauvoo. The LDS church has put a lot of money into the restoration of Nauvoo. Several of the historic Nauvoo sites are owned by the church and have been restored to what they would have looked like back in the early 1840s (although they all have air conditioning, which I was so grateful for!). 

We visited several sites including Brigham Young home, Family Living Center, school, print shop, Wilford Woodruff home, and scovil bakery. We also did the oxen ride which Gigi loved!

petting the oxen

We then did the Community of Christ Joseph Smith tour where we saw the Homestead, Mansion House, Red Brick Store, Nauvoo House and Cemetery. Here are the grave sites of Joseph, Emma and Hyrum Smith.


Mansion  House

We then drove to Carthage which is about 30 minutes away. We took the tour of the jailhouse and it was an amazing experience. The spirit was so strong as we listened to events that happened on the day of the prophet's martyrdom. I am constantly humbled by the sacrifices that Joseph and Hyrum made to bring about the restoration of Christ's church on the earth.

Outside the window where Joseph was killed. Joseph was standing with his back to the window when two shots from outside the room were fired, striking him and making him fall from the second floor of the jailhouse.

On our last night there we watched the Sunset by the Mississippi performance which was put on by all the missionaries. It was a really cute and fun show. Here is Gigi being Gigi -- lining up rocks on the bench :)

It was such a wonderful experience to be able to visit these sites. Reflecting on all of the sacrifices made by the early members of the church makes me appreciate more fully all that I've been given. My life is truly blessed and I am so grateful, most especially for my loving family.


Joan Morris said...

How fun that you were able to visit Nauvoo. You have such a cute little family!

Pal & Hatty said...

I am so glad that you were able to see Nauvoo and Carthage - so much important church history took place in these locations! Great pictures of all of you!