Monday, January 19, 2015

Fun at the Micklesen's

While we were in Utah, Gigi's cousin Violet had her 6th Birthday! My sister Tricia threw her a fun party at Provo Beach. They had tons of games for the kids, and both Gigi and Liam loved the mini bowling! Especially Liam, he just loved throwing the bowling ball, even if he didn't knock any pins over. :)

They also loved riding the carousel!

My parents had their mission report on January 25th. After church everyone came over for some yummy German food. My parents even dressed for the occasion in their lederhosen and dirndl costumes!

My brother Conrad and his wife Hailey also stayed at my parents house. I just love their cute little boy Dex and so did Gigi!

Love this pic of Grandpa holding Gigi, Liam and Dex!

I'm not sure who loves rough housing more, the kids or Grandpa!

We had a great time in Utah, even though it was a bit long!! It's always nice to for Gigi and Liam to spend time with their cousins and grandparents and it was a nice break from the freezing cold Minnesotan weather. :)

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Pal & Hatty said...

We are so glad that you could stay and spend some time with us! I love the picture, of Liam and Gigi at the bowling alley, on the carousel, Gigi holding Dex and of course the photos of Grandpa and the kids - all such happy memories! We are looking forward to seeing you in June!!